New analytics tool on a Facebook Page – am I the last to know about this?

by Priya Chandra

Just noticed today that there’s a new analytics tool on the Facebook pages that I administer. Essentially it is now possible to see the number of impressions and percentage of feedback per post. It appears just below the status update or link details – sadly I’m not able to produce a screen shot of this, so you’ll just have to imagine it! (or check out your own pages if you’re an administrator of Facebook pages I guess)


I think this is cool but not exactly sure how I’m going to utilise it – I’m not very good at measuring my Page stats at the moment so maybe looking at individual posts this way will be a better option for me.

How about you? How do you think you’ll use this new tool? Will you use this new tool at all?


Is the impression number the number of users who have seen the post? (from the Facebook Help Centre)
No. This is the raw number of impressions that have been shown to users. These impressions can come from a user’s news feed, a visit to the Page, or through an Open Graph social plugin.

It only measures comments and likes, and no other actions (such as video plays and link clicks). The percentage is computed as (comments + likes)/Impressions.

One Comment to “New analytics tool on a Facebook Page – am I the last to know about this?”

  1. I just noticed it on my FB page. The numbers are much, much higher than I ever imagined, but like all stats, should be taken with buckets of salt. Looking forward to learning more. Cheers, Sree

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