Grace under fire – U.S Navy on Facebook

by Priya Chandra

Want an example of how to handle potentially negative activity on Facebook with grace and humour? Then check out the U.S Navy’s facebook page: They’ve recently been flooded with a number of posts calling for the use of ‘Persian Gulf’ as opposed to ‘Arabian Gulf’ by the U.S Navy – these posts have been generated through a call to action by a few Facebook causes.

Rather than ignoring these posts, deleting them, or otherwise reacting negatively, the team behind the U.S Navy Facebook page have acknowledged the presence of these posts in a status update.


Of course, they’d still like to diminish the impact of this on their Facebook page, and so in the same status update they’re encouraging their original fans to welcome these new posters by sharing their “favorite Navy term, acronym, or jargon that makes no sense to [them].”

I think this is a great proactive approach to the situation and a wonderful example of facing the situation head-on.

What do you think? Would you have handled this situation in a different way?


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