Batteries included

by Priya Chandra

So I went to pick up my prescription sunnies last week – one of the perks of Defence service, free glasses every two years and since I’m going to sea on Pacific Partnership (join us on Facebook: I’m entitled to an additional pair in case one goes over the side.

Anyway, the sales assistant brings out this absolutely huge sunglasses case and my jaw just dropped. I mean seriously, this case is the biggest sunglasses case I have ever seen – in fact it is probably the biggest case for anything that I have ever seen and it certainly doesn’t fit into any of my handbags easily.

So why didn’t I reject the case and get something a bit smaller? Because the case does not just carry my sunnies. It is also a speaker set! There’s a little speaker jack in the cover of the case and the speakers run off two AA batteries (which were included, thank you Calvin Klein).

Not sure exactly when or where I’m going to use the speakers but it was sufficiently geeky that I just had to keep the case and take it to sea with me!



2 Comments to “Batteries included”

  1. Cool CK accessories, you are gonna be quite popular on the ship. Does it pick up radio ? Or is it an MP3 player with USB plug n play.

  2. It is just a speaker set for an mp3 player. Very good sound though & perfect for my phone. I can even put the phone in the case, shut the lid & still get decent sound!

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