Settling in and learning the ropes

by Priya Chandra

Can’t believe I’m actually in Hawaii with only 1 day to go before we set sail for Pacific Partnership. It has been a couple of very busy days undergoing briefings, finalising administrative work and then settling into USS Cleveland which will be my home for the next four months.

The flight over here was fine even though we did have to fly Jetstar. I was pleasantly surprised by the food, comfort pack, service and even the size of the seat. I don’t know if I’ll ever fly them voluntarily but they weren’t as bad as I’d expected.

USS Cleveland is very interesting – I haven’t had much of an opportunity to check it out fully yet but no doubt I’ll get to know it quite intimately over the next few months. Below are some photos of my bunk and storage space onboard. There’s 6 of us in a smallish cabin – 4 Americans and 2 Aussies. I haven’t met the Americans yet as they’ve all been out on leave for the past few days.

My bunk is the top one – it does take a bit of flexibility to get myself up there, under the hand rail and into the bunk without hitting my head on anything! Once I’m in there though it is all good – nice and snug. 


I’m amazed that all my stuff has fitted into the space allocated to me – I’m sharing the long cupboard with the other Aussie (she’s Army as you can probably tell from the uniforms), and have the small cupboard and 2 drawers (shown in the next photo)available as well. As you can see there’s a lot of rolling and stacking going on to ensure everything fits nicely!



2 Comments to “Settling in and learning the ropes”

  1. That is a very small room, reminds me of being a kid and sharing bunk beds…hope noone snores. Guess with such small space for you clothes there’s no room for buying keepsakes at ports along the way…although you are the queen of clothes rolling so you may be able to make more space yet.

  2. Luckily no-one snores, but trying to operate around 5 other people in the morning can be a bit of fun as we’re all trying to get dressed, use the sink etc whilst the ship is moving under our feet!

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