Playing the waiting game

by Priya Chandra

Today was a bit of a waiting game – we started quite early (I woke up at 5am!!) and there was sporadic activity throughout the day but mostly it was spent waiting for stuff to happen.

We were meant to sail today but that has been pushed right and now we sail on Tuesday which is why I’m at the Navy Exchange mall using their free wifi to feed my internet addiction! The Navy Exchange is one of the perks offered to US navy members and their families – tax free groceries, homewares, brand name clothing, whitegoods, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, gifts and a whole lot more are all available here.

As a foreign Navy member I’m also entitled to shop here and I’ve done a bit of shopping – a new pillow, some t-shirts, etc – just the necessities for the upcoming trip. I’ll buy luxuries on my return to Hawaii in 4 months!

Today was good for finding my way around the ship – I now know where the two gyms are, the best way to get to my workspace and the best way to get to meals. Actually that last one is pretty easy as it is on the same deck as my sleeping quarters and only a couple of doors down. I also don’t have far to go for the showers and heads (toilets) which is good news.

I’ve eaten onboard 3 times so far – all of it today! – and I think I’ll be ok. They offer a vegetarian choice at each meal and there’s certainly plenty of hot food as well as salad put out at lunch and dinner. The desserts are pretty yummy too – thank goodness for lots of ladders and those two gyms to keep me in shape!

My cabin mates are all very nice and very friendly – full of good advice on how to live comfortably onboard the ship. Now we just need to get underway!


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