Priya’s most excellent adventure continues

by Priya Chandra

Priya is actually back at sea after 19 years!

We left Pearl Harbour this morning at 0650 – quite a lovely trip out of the Harbour to the open sea. The Hawaiian scenery is just amazing. On our way out we passed a nuclear submarine coming into the harbour – man they are big!

So far I’ve been fine in terms of sea-sickness, though the ship does move an awful lot. I went to the gym today and tried walking on the treadmill, that was an experience! Due to the rolling of the ship you can be up and down within a couple of seconds – holding on for dear life as the ship rocks so you don’t fall off!

After one too many emergency stops I gave it up and went to use the elliptical machines. Then I saw someone not only running on the treadmill but reading at the same time – obviously his sea-legs are better than mine!

Quite a number of briefings today to attend but still plenty of free time to wander around, sleep, go to the gym etc. No internet access for the embarked forces (that’s me!) and that is just quietly killing me. I always knew I had an addiction but I didn’t realise it was so strong!

We had a ‘man overboard’ drill today which was fun as none of us knew where to muster to have our names checked off. We did eventually find our gathering point and learnt a bit more about the etiquette of moving around the ship. Apparently in an emergency one should always use the port (left) ladders to go down and the starboard (right) ladders to go up.

Learning more about the US Navy customs is interesting. Much of what they do is similar to the way we work but one little quirk is interesting. When an officer enters the wardroom to eat, they have to seek out the most senior person and ask permission to eat there. Then when they leave they ask the most senior person for permission to do so. I’ve even been approached by the US people as the most senior person in the wardroom at that time.

I wonder what they’d do if the senior person said no?

Anyway – photos of us departing Hawaii are up at (don’t have to be a member of Facebook to see the photos) if you’re interested and I’ll try to put some more up here when I get a chance.


3 Comments to “Priya’s most excellent adventure continues”

  1. Sounds so romantic to read “We left Pearl Harbour this morning at 0650″ – it’s a perfect opening line for a novel. No internet! ’nuff saidOh, and probably not good to test this one, permission to eat” – as saying no to a hungry private may not work out for the best.

  2. Are there any Yoga classes at the gym?

  3. I tried once to do some yoga but it was a bit difficult doing even the most simple poses given the ship’s movement. Sitting and other floor poses would probably work but I wasn’t game to give it another go!

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