Hump day – Wednesday on my mind

by Priya Chandra

This being at sea stuff is really interesting. I was exhausted most of yesterday – even had to leave a meeting at one point to go and get some fresh air – yet had real trouble getting to sleep. My boss said that is pretty common, something to do with the rocking of the ship. And it was certainly rocking last night – a couple of people even reported being thrown against the safety straps attached to their bunks. I didn’t have that experience luckily but i certainly felt the ship’s movement during the night.

Even now it is moving quite a bit – there’s a chair with wheels behind me and earlier today it was rolling from one side of the work space to the other; very funny.

I’m learning something new every day: Today I found out what ‘succotash’ is – it is a mixture of cooked sweet corn and lima beans and not bad at all. At least I’m getting lots of veggies on this trip and not once have I seen zucchini or eggplant on the menu thank goodness. I’m also improving my knowledge of Public Affairs and Information engagement strategy, thanks mainly to the Mission Commander who really knows his stuff.

There was a live weapon firing activity today – but unfortunately the video I shot managed to miss the crucial firing moment! They’re doing another firing tomorrow so I might be able to get better video then. They’ve also been flying their two helicopters around a fair bit, but I keep missing the announcement of when it is safe to go outside and view them in action.

Still no internet connection so I’m keeping busy writing articles and exploring the ship a bit more. I realised today that there’s two whole decks that I haven’t seen yet! I also got a cash card – this is a card that all personnel on board use instead of cash. Basically you put money onto the card via the Ship’s Finance office and then run it down like a debit card. I bought one of the Pacific Partnership 2011 shirts (no photo yet) and no doubt will be back to get snacks from the shop every so often!

Just been re-reading my entries and realised I use exclamation points quite extensively – not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, but anyway that’s the way I roll (do the kids still say that??)

Ended the day by listening to a performance by the US Navy band in the well deck (lowest part of the ship) onboard one of the Landing Craft Units. Very cool.


One Comment to “Hump day – Wednesday on my mind”

  1. We have a cash card at my office which we can use in our canteen. I had to ban myself from using it as I mysteriously kept managing to eat through £30 a week…literally! (note use of exclamation mark)

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