Life without a seasickness patch

by Priya Chandra

I took the sea sickness patch off last night, with some trepidation I must admit but they’re only good for 48 hours so I wasn’t getting any further benefit from wearing it. Thankfully I haven’t felt sick at all so quite happy about that. Of course the sea has been extremely calm so I can’t claim to have fully tested my sea legs but so far so good.

Went out early this morning and took a somewhat jerky video just to show you how calm the sea actually is. Obviously I’m going to have to brush up on my filming skills before we land in Tonga next week! Sadly I can’t seem to upload it here, but I uploaded it to YouTube and here’s the link:

We met up with another US ship today – United States Navy Ship Charles Drew – who passed fuel across to us, and we sent stores over to them via helo. I didn’t manage to get any shots of the fuel transfer lines in place but did get at least one of the helicopter dropping the stores off onto the other ship’s flight deck.


By the way for those who might be interested, the break away song for USS Cleveland is ‘Black Betty’. End trivia.

Dinner tonight was stereotypically American – mac & cheese. Seriously how could I possibly have passed that up? So I didn’t. And yes it tasted very much like it had come out of a packet so won’t be trying that again!




2 Comments to “Life without a seasickness patch”

  1. Is your ship about the same size as Charles Drew? Bigger or smaller?

  2. Good question. USS Cleveland is 174m long whilst the supply ship is 210m long and has a lot less people on it than my ship. Cleveland is also the 3rd oldest ship in the US Navy whilst the Charles Drew is one of the newest (commissioned last year!). Hmm, time to swap ships perhaps?? Nah, just kidding.

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