by Priya Chandra

Today I surrendered my principles and took drugs. I feel rotten about doing it but it is ultimately in a good cause and they look ok – little red tablets that my cabin mate assures me will do me good.

I’ve been sick for 6 days now you see – hacking cough (with all that means in terms of bringing up yucky stuff), constantly running nose, an inability for a number of days to concentrate on anything other than how sick I was feeling and for one memorable day – no voice at all.

Normally the only two drugs I take, legal or otherwise, are coffee and alcohol and no exceptions are made for being sick. My preferred remedy is to drink water, lemon and honey tea and get lots of sleep whilst being waited on hand and foot by my DM.

Given that only two of those remedies are currently available to me and that I didn’t seem to be getting any better, when my cabin mate pushed a small cache of Sudafed tablets onto me I submitted and took them.

And it hasn’t stopped there – I’ve just accepted night cold/flu tablets to help me sleep and aspirin to gargle for my throat – before you know it I’ll be a confirmed druggie – popping a pill for every little ailment!


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