Love my job, hate the process I work under

by Priya Chandra

I’m sure this is a common complaint of many people but today it is my complaint without a doubt. I love what I do – being able to share the stories and experiences of the people on Pacific Partnership on Facebook (are you following us yet? and back in Australia through more traditional media sources.

However the process my content has to go through in order to be released in Australia is just ridiculous. I feel as though I’m simply releasing content into a black hole with no idea what will happen to my precious words.

I’ve been working through solutions with my boss but the situation remains interesting. All I can say is watch this space!!!


One Comment to “Love my job, hate the process I work under”

  1. Priya, despite the fact that I won’t call you by your first name in the office (sorry, there’s a little too much Navy ingrained into this American Sailor), I’ve got to say it’s a joy working with you and Helen. I feel your pain, though. We’ve been TRYING to get photos to match up with our stories on the big site, and I can get the photos in, but somehow they just won’t marry up with the stories. It’s almost as though I’ve got to wait a few days for photos to post, then I can attach a story to it. That’s all well and good for a wrap-up story, but what about spot news?

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