Stepping ashore in Vanuatu

by Priya Chandra

We had the welcoming ceremony for Vanuatu today. Another early start – 0530 muster, with the ceremony not due to start until 0900 ashore. Yes, that meant sitting at the ceremony’s location for 2 and 1/2 hours which is something we do a lot of – early starts, then lots of waiting around.

The welcoming ceremony was quite different to the one in Tonga – more formal and the only dancing was from the traditional dancers and a lot more speechifying.


It was still very welcoming however and it was nice to see so many of the local community turn up to say hi to us.

The local town (Luganville) looks to be bigger than Neiafu in Tonga (our last stop) and there’s a couple of resorts here that some people are ‘trying out’ today – look forward to hearing their reports tonight or tomorrow! I think there’s quite a bit of liberty available here, so I’ll see how I go. If not, well New Caledonia is just around the corner and that is purely a leave port.

Piece of trivia: they drive on the right hand side of the road here, (Tonga drive on the left) which I think might be a hangover from the US presence here in World War II – which was brought up often today by the way. Anyone would have thunk it was only the U.S here!!

Got an official reception onboard HMNZS Canterbury tonight – actually looking forward to that, a chance to see another ship and to put my whites on again. I love this working rig but it can get a little boring and man the boots hurt sometimes.



3 Comments to “Stepping ashore in Vanuatu”

  1. So the island hopping continues, i am just on the one island of Oz at the moment but i comiserate on the early mornings as i’ve been having a few myself. Hope the reception on HMNZS goes well

  2. Lots more islands to go, including the great one of Oz – we have a visit to Darwin in June! The reception on the New Zealand ship was lovely – great music from the U.S Navy band, delicious food and some very interesting people to talk with. Late night though – not back in my rack until 11:30 pm with a 5am start! Early to bed tonight I think.

  3. Loving the blog meine kleine.

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