Dressing up with somewhere to go

by Priya Chandra

This is a bit out of order but hey this is my blog and I can ramble about anything whenever I want right?

Anyway my sister asked for a picture of me from ANZAC Day and so I thought I’d post this one here:


The woman with me in the photo is the photographer who is on the Pacific Partnership trip with me. She is an extremely talented photographer and I’m extremely lucky to have her with me.

We have a great time working together and I’m proud to call her my friend.

Here’s a sample of her work and there’s heaps more over on the ADF Pacific Partnership Facebook page:


She almost manages to make the torture machine (the LCU) look interesting and exciting!


One Comment to “Dressing up with somewhere to go”

  1. Wow! The colours come up so vibrant in this photo, looks amazing.

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