Bonjour and Au revoir

by Priya Chandra

Well, we’re about to set sail from Noumea for Lae in Papua New Guinea.

I really enjoyed the time here in Noumea, even though naturally it was quite pricey when compared to Tonga and Vanuatu – though ultimately it wasn’t as expensive as I’d thought.

It is very pretty too with its green hills and lovely water views. Helen and I went running/walking (I did the latter!) along a very popular boardwalk early one morning and it was just beautiful.


It is definitely very French – of the four foreign countries I’ve visited since leaving Australia at the start of April, I had the hardest time being understood here. 

At one point I was at the hairdressers with a friend and communication was so poor, the hairdresser kept calling for the shopkeeper next door to come by and translate!

Good times.

The food was exceptional of course and the ability to get off the ship without having to wait for a liberty boat (we were alongside for the first time this trip and could just walk up and down the gangway) was heaven.

Now it is a 4 or 5 day trip to Lae and then another mission stop. Although I’m looking forward to visiting a new country I am apprehensive about PNG in general. Don’t think I’ll be taking much liberty there to be honest!


One Comment to “Bonjour and Au revoir”

  1. I like the new colour scheme. Will it change for each country/ mission stop?! Hope PNG is A-Ok. If not, come by London..we have a shop called Liberty here you know!

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