lukim yu bihain

by Priya Chandra

Whistle blows and the voice comes over the main PA system: “Underway.”

And so we say goodbye to Papua New Guinea and head for Darwin where we get to have leave and I get to stock up on decent food and multivitamins!

What will I remember of PNG?

Mountains – definitely mountains. They ringed Lae and were just stunning no matter the time of day or the weather.

The ‘flip flop’ band who played with thongs and pvc pipes at the opening ceremony – just amazing.

The smiles of the PNG locals and their cries for just one more photo with us.

Their generosity – seriously, the guys who worked on the medical, dental, veterinary and engineering projects got some wonderful gifts and at today’s closing ceremony there were even more gifts presented, including this wooden sculpture that must have weighed at least 50 kgs.


And finally, the dancing and the colour – this little girl was the best dancer of this troupe and they were all pretty talented.


How about you – what memories do you hold of a country / place you’ve visited recently?

Oh and if you’re wondering, the title means “See you later” in PNG pidgin english.


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