The things you see onboard a U.S Navy ship

by Priya Chandra

Just a few of the things I see as I travel the ship in my daily routine.

Helen hard at work in the Phot Shop:



Then there’s this sign – beware all ye who enter here! Not that it stops anyone of course. If that is the quickest way to get somewhere, then of course people are going to use it!

Hanging out on the boat deck (01 for those in the know) under the 11m RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) is a popular spot for the Aussies (and some Americans now too) on a nice day. Sometimes, if you’re not careful you can go a whole day without seeing sunshine – that is really bad for one’s morale so I try to get outside at least 1/2 hour each day.


This is the ‘upstairs’ gym. It is much cooler than the gym right in the bottom of the ship and of course one gets to look outside whilst exercising which makes a huge difference to motivation. It is often less crowded too which is nice.



2 Comments to “The things you see onboard a U.S Navy ship”

  1. Well you should be allowed thru “officers country” so no worries there. It looks like you’ve taken your photo of the top deck gym from the treadmill. Seems not so long ago you were blogging about being a bit sea sick trying to walk on one…and now your taking photos!

  2. I know where I’d be and it involves a rigid hull not a treadmill! Great pics x

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