The sound of silence

by Priya Chandra

Is definitely NOT something you ever experience onboard a Navy ship. The day is governed by bells, whistles, pipes (announcements) and in the background, the persistent hum of machinery powering us along. In fact if the ship does go silent then there’s something seriously wrong!

So with that in mind, here’s some of the phrases one hears through out the day whilst at sea, as well as a recording of the Command Master Chief giving a brief on cleaning stations.

0600 – Reveille, reveille. All hands heave out.

0700 – Assemble for muster, inspection and direction.

0730 – Cleaning stations! [Edit: The play button doesn’t appear to be working sadly. To listen to the golden tones of the Command Master Chief, please click on the download link and then the filename “cmc-cleaning_stations”. Cheers, Priya]

Listen on Posterous

2155 – Tattoo, tattoo. Lights out in 5 mins. Stand by for evening prayers [and the Chaplain comes on and gives a 2 – 3 min prayer]

2200 – Taps, taps. Lights out. Maintain silence. Taps.


2 Comments to “The sound of silence”

  1. What do they mean when they say “tattoo” at 21:55. Is that some kind of bedtime code? Maybe this leads into why there is such a history of sailors with tattoos (the ink on skin kind).

  2. I have no idea actually and Wikipedia was of no use to me. Anyone else out there know the answer?

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