Over half way!

by Priya Chandra

After a slightly longer than expected port visit to Darwin we’re now on our way to East Tiimor with a whole new bunch of people onboard, including a new medical contingent from Australia. More names to learn!

Quite nice to be underway again – there’s something really soothing about sitting outside and just watching the ship cut through the waves, or lying in one’s rack feeling the motion of the ship. I am so grateful that I don’t get sea-sick though – one of my new cabin mates does get motion sick even in what to me appears relatively calm seas and she’s having a rough time of it (pun intended).

Speaking of cabin mates – I am currently experiencing the luxury of only 3 people in a 6 person cabin. The other 3 went on ahead to East Timor via HMAS Balikpapan (one of the Navy’s Landing Craft Heavy ships) to start work there before Cleveland’s arrival. Very odd (but very enjoyable) to have so much space available especially in the mornings!

Only 37 sleeps until the ship docks in Hawaii – where has the time gone? I’m trying to make the most of the last few weeks – setting up some personal 30 day challenges around physical fitness and professional development. I’ll let you know how I go!


USS Cleveland anchored off Lae – man, that was a long transit every day.


2 Comments to “Over half way!”

  1. Only half way…it feels like you’ve been at sea for ages! Guess it’s going quick for you as you’re having so many new experiences and seeing new places, but we are just in the office same-same. Not sure I’d go for sleeping on a “rack” but I do want a hammock in the back garden 🙂

  2. Some days it seems to be flying past and then on other days it feels like I've been out here forever. I don't know how ye olde mariners did it, in those days when they spent months at sea without any way of communicating with home! A hammock sounds nice – the rack is a lot more comfortable than the name suggests, though I miss my big bed and snugly doona.

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