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July 22, 2011

Google’s latest doodle is mobile.

by Priya Chandra

Have you seen the animated Google doodle today? So cool the way you can control its movement and I love the extra touch of a shadow at the bottom of the screen.

It is in honour of Alexander Calder‘s 113th birthday – the inventor of the toy of choice for all new parents: the mobile.

You’ve got to hand it to Google – they know how to keep a simple search page interesting.

July 13, 2011

Almost worth getting up at 4:30

by Priya Chandra

On days like this, it is almost worth getting up at 4:30 just to see the sunrise.

Mind you I’m quite happy knowing I only have 1 day left of early rises – can’t wait until I can sleep in until 6am!

Photo by the Australian photographer onboard USS Cleveland with me – Helen.

July 9, 2011

My first Kickstarter project!

by Priya Chandra

Well not really. I haven’t actually started a Kickstarter project, what I mean is I’ve donated for the first time to a Kickstarter project.

For people who don’t know what Kickstarter is, it is “a new way to fund and follow creativity.” Participants put up projects with a total funding amount and various pledge levels. These pledges usually come with a reward – either virtual or physical. If the total funding amount is met by a particular date then the project will go ahead, if not then all pledges are returned.

Obviously the projects range from the interesting and the feasible to the completely whacked out and there’s a high number of creative projects – like artists, musicians, writers etc all looking for assistance with different projects.

The project I picked was for an Artist’s Residence on a remote island – it just sounded really cool. The project has been fully funded – in fact it is overfunded which is great for the guys running the project – and I look forward to getting my reward:

July 5, 2011

Just got the best excuse not to exercise

by Priya Chandra

So what is the best excuse not to exercise? Well (apart from being sick/injured of course) it is when you’re told the ship you’re on is restricting water usage and all showers are secured (to prevent unauthorised use)!

I certainly don’t want to be unkind to my fellow cabin mates so no exercise tonight.

So this is an indication of what Priya will be doing tonight instead!

(Flickr image courtesy of The_bosshog)