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October 31, 2011

Telling a story via wireless network SSIDs

by Priya Chandra

I got this idea from a Melbourne Writer’s Festival idea:

They had six wireless routers that told a short (almost haiku like) story via the SSID (name) of the router. Check the link out for a cool video on how it worked.

So, I decided to do my own version – a different part of the story every day on my own home wireless network. I know people around me can see my network name, because I see their names – hello there GETUROWNINT3ERNET (I always imagine this person as a slightly grumpy person who’s had their wireless network attacked once too often) – so hopefully they’ll get a bit of a laugh out of it, if they work out what’s going on.

This is the story I decided to tell – it is a very famous book and movie (well movie more than book).

Police issue alert

For girl and dog

Wanted for

2 murders

And destroying property

Let me know in the comments what movie/book you think I might be referencing here. And if anyone’s got any bright takes on classic stories, let me know and I’ll issue them via my wireless SSID.



October 29, 2011

Danger: Here be cat hair

by Priya Chandra

With two cats in the house, this is definitely a warning sign that should be hung on our front door. When we bought our cats we were told they were domestic short hairs which we, naively, thought meant they wouldn’t shed much.

How wrong were we? Let’s put it this way – VERY wrong, which is why I like this cat hair removal tip from LifeHacker Australia.

Basically (for those people who don’t want to click the link and leave my site!) the tip suggests rubbing sofas, rugs, car seats etc with rubber gloves to remove cat hair.

Sticky tape versus rubber gloves

Normally I use sticky tape to ‘suck up’ cat hair from the sofa but it isn’t very effective and it is time consuming. So since I had a pair of spare, clean dishwashing gloves under the sink and 1/2 hour to kill this morning I gave this tip a go. The results were amazing – this photo shows a small amount of the hair I collected in only 15 mins.

(ok, that is obviously a picture of my cats. I decided the cat hairball was a bit too gross to put online)

The LifeHacker site says the hair should stick to the gloves and can be removed by washing the gloves but I found the hair clumped and stayed on the sofa.

Sticky tape collected most of the hair and in future I’ll probably use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the clumped hair quickly and easily.

Rubber is not my favourite smell

The other downside is the gloves heat up quite quickly and your hands can end up smelling like rubber (well mine did, you might have better quality gloves!)
Still, a very good tip which worked just as well on the Turkish rugs and the quilt cover – definitely a keeper.

Do you have any other tips for removing cat hair from your furniture? Have you tried this tip? How did it work for you?

How about a tip for removing the smell of rubber from your hands??

October 20, 2011

There’s an app for that!

by Priya Chandra

A great (in my opinion) video extolling the virtues of a new app reminding women to check their breasts.


And yes, I know that this is politically incorrect, and if it was the other way around I wouldn’t be quite as pleased about the video, but this is my blog and I can be as inconsistent as I like thank you very much. (phew, breathe Priya!)

Anyway, the message is a good one done in a fairly fun way.

October 12, 2011

Women in Technology

by Priya Chandra

Very interesting quote from Margaret Gould Stewart (Head of User Experience at YouTube) on women in technology.

“A Forbes Magazine study reported that women usually wait until they are nearly 100 percent qualified for a job to apply, while men tend to apply when they are on average around 60 percent qualified. It seems the men figure they will learn the remaining skills on the job, and they are right. Women should stretch themselves with challenging opportunities; if you feel a bit in over your head, you are probably on the right track.”

I know I’ve been guilty of not stretching myself in the past – have you? What have you done to challenge yourself and get out of that rut? All suggestions gratefully accepted!