What does Princess Mary think about all this?

by Priya Chandra

First a quick update on how I’m going with getting my mojo back – so far I’ve written three posts:

However today’s topic from Chris is not one that I can actually do at the moment – Interview With Our Direct Competitor (can you imagine?).

Not because I don’t have direct competitors but because I haven’t approached any of them for an interview. And to be honest I’m not sure if or when I’m ever going to approach them – there’s quite a bit of courage involved in doing that and I’m not sure I have that much courage just yet!

So I’m going to move onto the next topic which is What Lady Gaga Knows About ____ (your business – pick any celebrity. Have fun with it.).

Another tough topic but that is what I like about Chris – his topics make me think and hopefully make me a better, more interesting writer and therefore someone people know, like and trust to help them engage online.

And why does it make me think? Well I have to go outside what I personally know and apply what I think I know about a celebrity via their actions.

It makes me look at other people and assess their actions analytically rather than just reading about them in the gossip magazines and forgetting about them.

One thing that does confuse me about Chris’ topics though is his use of pronouns. Sometimes I’m not sure whether he’s using the word ‘you’ to mean me (the recipient of his emails) or to mean the person I am writing to. So I pick and choose depending on what I feel like.

Today for example I have chosen to imagine he means what does Princess Mary think about the businesses I run – a romance book review website and a blog site helping small businesses engage online.

Well I have not actually ever sat down and spoken with the Crown Princess of Denmark on such matters but having seen her work a room and read her biography I’m going to go out on a limb and say – she probably doesn’t read romances but appreciates that there’s people who do and who would like some assistance in finding new authors to read. And she is all for female entrepreneurs getting out there and trying new things – like me with my ChanMay consulting business.

Naturally if she ever contacts me and lets me know differently I’ll let you know as well!

But let’s go with – a woman I’ve never met, who has very different life ambitions, responsibilities and dreams to me, approves of what I do. Yes, external validation! Time to party people.


One Comment to “What does Princess Mary think about all this?”

  1. I just watched a tv show about Gaga…she was being interviewed by
    Perez Hilton…so that ties in the celebrity and the blogger right there. She was doing a super fans concert in Sydney (not sure what date this happened) but has just been shown on UK tv. She likes to cook…that’s all i know, the rest just seemed like one long advertisement to buy her albums.

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