Someday I’m gunna

by Priya Chandra

How many times have I said that in my life? Too many times sadly and then again maybe not enough times.

Someday and Again

Photo by Old Sarge via Flickr

Saying someday intimates there will in fact be a someday – that I have the resources, the health, the intent to make it to another day. And more than that, it pre-supposes I have the imagination to foresee a future for me and my loved ones, that may be substantially different to the present we currently have, or just a little bit different – because to be honest my life is pretty good right now and there’s only a few material things that I’d change.

So maybe it is time for me step up my game – keep on saying ‘someday i’m gunna’ (though maybe in less colloquial aussie slang) and then take it that one step further and actually follow through. So that in days, weeks, months and even years to come I can look back and say – wow, when did someday arrive?

And to start with here’s a few things I’m gunna do now to make not only a better someday but also a fantastic today:

  • exercise every day
  • eat fruit every day
  • drink 2 litres of water everyday
  • say I love you to all my family and close friends whenever I farewell them.

That will do for now – don’t want to get too sanctimonious and I still have to work on my consulting business which is going to be a stepping stone to get me some of those material things hopefully!

What about you – got anything you’d like to change now to make a better someday?


One Comment to “Someday I’m gunna”

  1. I think I can do fruit and water everyday…the exercise might have to be every other day. Family love is good if you’ve got it too.

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