Damn I’m doing it wrong

by Priya Chandra

I’ve decided that my original Chris Brogan challenge was not all that well thought out and so i’m going to change it slightly.

As you may recall, I had planned to write a blog post every day using one of Chris Brogan‘s Blog Topics as the catalyst. Those posts would be posted on one of three blogs – this one, Book Addict (a romance book review website) or my business consulting website (priyachandra.com).
Wrong way

“Wrong way” by Crystl via Flickr

I’ve done pretty well so far, and haven’t missed a day though some of the posts have come up online a bit late in the day (like this one for example!). However it has been a real challenge, not just the actual writing but massaging them for my different websites. And when I haven’t been able to use a Blog Topic for priyachandra i’ve had to write another blog post there as well.

So there’s been a time challenge as well which I didn’t expect. As a result I’ve decided to amend the original challenge slightly since it appears I might have been doing it wrong!

I’m going to keep doing a topic a day but it is going to be written primarily for this website. If there is a blog post topic that seems like a good fit for the Priya Chandra website however, then the post will be posted there as well.

Essentially I’m looking to work my writing muscle by using these blog topics as kick-starters without restricting what I am able to write on the business consulting website.

Wish me luck!


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