12 apps I can’t do without

by Priya Chandra

A twitter friend asked his network yesterday what apps (applications) people are using in general on their phones. I have no idea what other people answered but my response was:

  • 3G Watchdog – to keep an eye on my data usage
  • Newsrob – to access my Google Reader feeds
  • Note Everything – to write notes.
  • Keeper for all my passwords (and I have a lot of them!)
  • The ABC’s news app– ideal for when I want to be scared by what is happening in the world
  • Runkeeper for all those walks that I’m currently doing and finally
  • Swiftkey which is my new keyboard and absolutely amazing.

Of course I also use Tweetdeck, Gmail, Facebook, Google+ and my calendar application – Pimlical. I do love my apps!

Droid Apps Cell Phone

Droid Apps Cell Phone image from GoodNCrazy via Flickr

Not a huge list I thought but I found his response interesting. He only uses six apps as he is ‘a bit of a purist’. I didn’t ask what that meant (I didn’t want to sound like an idiot) but I’m assuming it means that he keeps his mobile phone for location based apps (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter) as well as keeping in touch via phone and messaging.

He’s part of the Digital Generation (i.e Gen Y / Millenial) by the way which makes his response even more interesting in my opinion. I, as a ‘digital immigrant’ rather than a ‘digital native’ have filled my phone up with apps – some of which I barely use by the way – and use it often as a computer substitute when I am out and about.

I want to be able to do quite a bit with my phone – it is after all called a smartphone – and so I have downloaded apps that I believe will help me with that.

He on the other hand, as a Digital Native, has chosen to keep his phone for certain specific tasks, and filling it up instead with music, videos, and books.

It is certainly something to think about – do I really need all the apps on my phone, particularly when I barely use some of them? Or should I keep them in the cloud (the android market in my case) and only download them if I suddenly need them?

Sounds like a great opportunity to play a bit more with my phone and applications – the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon in my opinion!


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