Pen and paper baby!

by Priya Chandra

That is what I’m currently rocking as a note-taking device – my Lamy pen that I’ve had for about 12 years and a $1.00 notebook from the $2.00 shop.
inside notepad
“Inside notepad” by Flickr user y2bk

I got back into the habit whilst on Pacific Partnership 2011 – a notebook was a lot lighter than lugging around my laptop and it worked all the time no matter where I was.

Easy to put into my bag; easy to share with people (just show them the page or the note!); and oh so easy to find my notes again (just open the book, no internet connection or laptop battery power required).

And best of all is how old-school it makes me feel. Whenever I pull out my notebook I can pretend I am Dorothy Parker writing witty bon mots or some other keen observer of human nature taking notes on the human condition – something you just don’t get with a laptop or other digital device in my opinion.

Having said all that – this post was actually completely written on my laptop, d’oh.

This post brought to you by My Year with Chris

4 Responses to “Pen and paper baby!”

  1. Yaay for the oldies 🙂 Papa

  2. At the mo I’m rocking a black leather bound notebook which I write in with a pencil….that way if I review it in a few years time and I’m really not happy about something I’ve said I can sneakily erase it and write something else.

    • Nice! I’m thinking of getting a Moleskine to replace my cheapo notepad and I really like the idea of a pencil and the ability to erase ideas down the track!


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