My big challenge for next year

by Priya Chandra

Staying focused. I took the step this year of becoming self-employed after years of talking about it, and flirting with it on and off for a number of years. It has been interesting and quite a significant learning experience.

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The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that I truly do have a butterfly mind when it comes to business. I can think of dozens of things I’m interested in doing, but actually staying committed to any one of those things for a long period of time, especially when it is just me providing the motivation, can be quite hard.

It isn’t that I lose interest exactly – it is more that something equally, if not more, interesting always seems to be just around the corner.

At the moment I’m actually quite amazed that I’ve ‘stuck with’ my social media and online engagement consulting idea for as long as I have. To me this shows that I’m actually quite interested in this topic, and indeed I learn something new about the topic and this area of communications nearly every day.

So there is little chance of me getting bored with this particular business idea anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean this is the only business idea I want to explore and that is where the focus challenge comes into play! I’ve come up with a number of ideas over the past couple of days and over the next few days I’ll be editing that list to ideas that I can actually work on over the next 12 months – not just ideas that sound good, but ideas that I can see myself and DM (along with some family members who have not yet been warned of their involvement!!) achieving some success with.

The experience of writing a blog post here every day has shown that unless I provide some external motivation and pressure – such as telling everyone via this blog that I am doing this challenge – it is too easy to lose focus and move onto the next shiny thing.

So to ensure that next year is the best year it can possibly be I’ll not only be setting goals for what I want to achieve but telling as many people as possible about those goals so I give myself that pressure and external motivation.

And I mustn’t forget to actually reward myself when I do reach those goals – or even the smaller milestones along the way. In fact, we should all be doing more of that for anything we set out to do.

It is really easy to beat oneself up for not achieving something, or go over and over a disappointment in one’s head, but how often do we actually give ourselves a pat on the back?

I’m starting to write down each day the things I feel good about doing no matter how trivial they may seem. It is something to look at on those days when I feel I just can’t do anything right and remind myself just how much I can actually do.

I highly recommend starting such a list yourself – hey, it can even be on old-fashioned paper if you want. After all, not everything has to be electronic!


One Comment to “My big challenge for next year”

  1. I like this — positive one, yaay!

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