Simple = Easy?

by Priya Chandra

Lots of things are simple aren’t they?

Eat less junk, eat more healthy food, exercise more = lose weight, become fit, feel better
Go to bed earlier, sleep more = less stress, feel more energetic, get more achieved
Write every day on a pre-set blog topic for 1 year = get 365 blog posts
(Just to name a few items that are currently high on my list of things to do)

But they aren’t all that easy in reality to achieve. I’m working on making my ‘simple’ activities as easy as possible but it ironically it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that.

In fact, nearly every day I am reminded that the swan – most graceful of all water birds – might glide serenely across the surface of a lake, but below the surface her feet are paddling away madly.

Swan on the Water
Image via Flickr

Simple does not equal easy.

This post brought to you by My Year with Chris

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