Easter eggs at Christmas

by Priya Chandra

Google.com is probably the best known way to search online at the moment. It is even a verb now – ‘just google it’ is a phrase that people use in everyday language without even thinking.

But there’s more to Google search than just finding stuff. We’ve all seen the Google Doodle where the Google logo is amended to reflect a particular holiday or event – there’s a full list of them here if you’re interested. I love these doodles – not just because of their artistic value but also because of the opportunity they give me to learn about historical figures that I might not otherwise have heard about.
Google Cat In The Hat Doodle
Image from Flickr user Casey Florig

And every so often Google search engineers develop ‘easter eggs’ – fun things that happen when you type a specific search phrase into google.com (or your local google version).

Today for example, in honour of the white Christmas so beloved of the Northern Hemisphere, typing the phrase “let it snow” (without the quotation marks) into google.com will cause virtual snowflakes to fall down the screen.

A favourite one of mine is typing in the phrase “do a barrel roll” (again without the quotation marks). It shows just how clever the Google engineers are and just what amazing things can be done on the web nowadays.

Do you have a Google easter egg to share? Let me know in the comments.

This post brought to you by My Year with Chris

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