Day 2: In which Priya’s heart is broken

by Priya Chandra

An absolutely beautiful and hot (31 degrees!) autumn day in Melbourne today – perfect for day 2 of my Walk in Her Shoes challenge.

It was a busy day today, but I managed to get to St Kilda beach for my main walk in heels.

My sister and I walked along the beach, enjoying the sunshine and trying to work out why there were so many people on the beach. After all it is Tuesday – a so-called working day – and yet the beach was packed with people sunning and swimming. Lucky people.

St Kilda is absolutely gorgeous – lots of old buildings and a stunning cafe perched at the end of a pier that we walked to. The cafe is an almost exact replica of one that has been there since 1904 but sadly burnt down in 2003.

Isn't it gorgeous?

The breaking of my heart

But none of this is explaining why my heart was broken today.

Well, after walking up and down the beach for at least 1 hour as well as taking another hour’s stroll through the famous Acland Street shopping strip my sister and I got back to my car with my pedometer reading a very respectable 8,800 steps taken in the following strappy sandals:

I took the pedometer off to get into the car AND boom, the damn thing reset. Seriously, both the daily and full total (goodbye yesterday’s 13,000 steps) disappeared into the pedometer ether. All that was left laughing at me were a series of zeros – nothing to show for my efforts over the past 48 hours.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

When we got home I did the additional 1,200 steps – walking to and from the supermarket, up and down the stairs and back and forth in my house (all in heels naturally) – with the pedometer on my belt. I decided to get a photo showing at least SOME steps for today and took the pedometer off. Guess what?

Yep, the farking thing reset itself again.

So I am terribly sorry but I do not have a pedometer photo for you today to prove my steps – I can only swear, hand on my broken heart, that I did indeed walk those steps today.

I’m off to town tomorrow to swap my obviously broken pedometer so stay tuned for the results of tomorrow’s walking adventure – hopefully this time with actual pedometer pictures!

Want to help?

Oh, and if you’d like to donate to help Care Australia educate women and girls in the developing world, and bring their families out of poverty with them please head on over to my donation page:

We’re currently at the point of being able to provide a simple rope water pump and maintenance training for a community, to reduce time taken walking for water. The next target is to provide animals, enclosures and training so that women can work closer to home and earn an income for their families.


Today’s dorky photo for your viewing pleasure.

Looking for 10,000 steps and a pedometer that works!


3 Responses to “Day 2: In which Priya’s heart is broken”

  1. Thank you – that gave me a wonderful laugh to end my day. Well done and keep going 🙂

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the resetting of the pedometer!


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