Day 3 – Where things get a lot better

by Priya Chandra

So after Tuesday’s ‘debacle‘ the first priority for today was to swap out my faulty pedometer.

The staff at Rebel Sports were fantastic and even though the pedometer stubbornly kept on working when I was trying to show them the fault they agreed to swap it out.

So off with the old and on with the new – I was slightly paranoid though and kept checking the thing all day. So far it seems to be working ok – fingers crossed that it keeps on working.

shoes and a pedometer for my Walk in her Shoes challenge

Today's shoes and the old, bad pedometer

Where should I walk today?

I didn’t have a particular walk planned for today – just keeping it real you know man. (do the kids still say that? Did anyone ever say that?)

So, I decided to pretty much make it up and the result was a lot of fun and some interesting twists and turns. I did some walking in the CBD, just getting to know some of the smaller streeets and then headed out to the Yarra river. It was close to going home time by now and there were quite a few people walking along the river – most women had swapped their heels for flats though or sneakers *cough* wimps *cough*.

I strode on confidently along the riverbank negotiating such obstacles as cobblestones (have turned my ankle a number of times on those dastardly items), wooden boardwalks (seriously, do they measure the gap to ensure one’s heel will get caught in the gap?) and roadworks to reach my final destination – Docklands.

Once there I managed to completely befuddle a tourist with my complete lack of Melbourne street knowledge (she had to walk 30 metres to a particular street and I almost sent her off on a tram into the city – luckily GPS on the phone saved us both.) I had a drink with my sister and her friends to celebrate my reaching 10,000 steps for the day and then off home with quite sore feet.

Getting that photo before I take the pedometer off this time

Surprise, surprise

These shoes have been the least comfortable of all the pairs I’ve worn this week and I was very happy to get home and find a surprise from Care Australia and the Body Shop waiting for me.

This stuff actually worked. Thank you Body Shop and Care Australia

Thank you to every one who has donated to the cause so far – I am humbled by your generosity. If you haven’t yet had the chance to donate, there’s still time – I’m here all week folks, tell your friends!

The donation page is right this way.

P.S There’s no dorky photo today – please don’t hate me.


2 Comments to “Day 3 – Where things get a lot better”

  1. Yay…keep on walking. Sounds lovely walking along the river to docklands!! (I don’t mind the product placement, they’re a good company).

  2. I did wonder whether to mention the product or not but in the end – it is a great product so I did!
    Raining again today which is going to make the walk a bit difficult…

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