Playing with website stuff

by Priya Chandra

Today I managed to drag a 2 hour job out into about 5 hours purely because I was playing (and breaking) with things that I really didn’t have to play with.

Luckily all the breaking occurred online and was easily fixed in the end. Website design work is fun that way!

I’m very lucky that I have the time available to me at the moment to do this sort of thing. This time around I even took notes so that the next time I encounter a similar situation (it involved changing colours which is actually a lot harder than you might think) I’ll know what to do.

And that leads to my next obsession – Evernote. I am seriously loving this software at the moment. It is something I’ve been using on and off for the past 2 years, but inline with my new resolution to actually peer below the surface of things, I’ve been spending some actual quality time with it recently.

And it rocks.

I’ve been comparing it to Google Docs – since that is also a free product available through the cloud – and I really do prefer Evernote. The ability to tag notes; clip webpages; easily move into different notebooks all make my life a lot easier. It is really simple now to clip an instructional webpage into Evernote, knowing that at any point in the future I can search Evernote to find that information again, rather than doing an online search.

Google Docs just doesn’t offer that facility as yet and even though I’m as big a Google fanatic as they come, I just couldn’t handle its navigation and clunky searching style anymore.

Ok, that is enough product spruiking for one day. Sorry about that!

Hope you have a great weekend.


One Comment to “Playing with website stuff”

  1. Looks like the cat had diarreah … enjoyed the chatty style of your post, keep it up ..

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