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September 26, 2012

Pass the Gin please

by Priya Chandra

Well this has been a fun evening – not.

It started out pleasantly enough – lying on the sofa, scrolling through my twitter feed (yes, I have no life, stop judging me!) – only to be rudely interrupted by a shower of glass from the overhead light fitting.

Apparently when the globe packaging says “halogen globes burn hotter than other globes” what they really mean is “these globes will destroy the glass cover of your down light fitting making it look like this:”

The next step in this evening’s frivolity involved breaking a mirror. Don’t even ask how it happened – one moment I was holding it against a wall to see how it would look; the next I was getting the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard to handle all the broken glass.

And then I made myself a large gin and tonic (in a non-breakable glass) and got the ice-cream out of the freezer.

Situation sorted.