I’ve become one of those people

by Priya Chandra

You know, the people who ‘go to Bunnings’ – not because they have to, but because they want to. And not only want to, but are willing to spend lots of time and perhaps lots of money there too.

This is something completely new to me – I’ve never been a DIY person and always enjoyed the freedom that renting a house brought me. Tap loose? Call the agent. Need to hang a picture? Grab the removable hooks from K-Mart during the weekly shop. Full on maintenance and all that jazz were definitely not something I yearned after.

Until, we bought our first home. Now, all of a sudden I’m cruising the aisles of Bunnings, and yes I do mean cruising. Yesterday I spent over an hour in our local Bunnings (I have a local and it isn’t a pub, how sad is that) checking out the amazing array of items that I can purchase to make a complete new home – or provide an army of tradies with a few month’s worth of work fixing my mistakes more likely.

More by luck than by good management I managed to get away fairly cheaply yesterday – a couple of rakes, a new shower curtain and this amazing retro style lawn mower!

My latest gadget

It is so cool looking that I didn’t even mind that I had to put it together before using it (and by ‘I’ I mean of course my brother and by “didn’t mind” I mean of course was very annoyed until my brother said he’d do it).

Good thing we don’t have a great deal of lawn weeds to mow since I’m pretty sure I would be pretty unhappy at pushing this contraption around a regular suburban lawn but for the nature strips next to our inner city home it will be perfect.

Did I really just say I’m looking forward to mowing on the weekend? I really have become one of those people haven’t I


5 Comments to “I’ve become one of those people”

  1. I’m intrigued that the push-lawnmower, rake and broom are strategically placed next to the Gym workout equipment! Does this signal a change in lifestyle? LvP

  2. We are all about the DIY right now! Nothing wrong with that. But we have just decided to boycott Homebase (our version of Bunnings) and instead go to our local hardware store. You find you generally stick more to buying what you need rather than loads of extra stuff, and of course the service and experience is soooo much better. We just got totally fed up with dealing with the clueless people working at Homebase and their non-existent customer service. We found the prices are not much more but you get a much better experience.

    • The staff at Bunnings weren’t too bad but I do like the idea of supporting the smaller stores too. You’re right, the customer service experience is so much better there too generally.

  3. Wow I’m impressed – now I really do want to see the pictures of you mowing the lawn in high heels and dress πŸ™‚

  4. Woo Hoo! Well done Ms Priya – there is heaps of cool stuff at Bunnings – Once upon a time I just went for the sausage sizzle but now I’m hoping to win a Bunnings voucher at our work raffles, because there’s always something that needs doing around the house! It’s never ending, but it’s loads of fun – because you no longer have to ask anyone permission to do whatever you like! Enjoy πŸ™‚

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