Yay for internet

by Priya Chandra

You know the worst part of moving house?

It wasn’t the actual move or the unpacking (though if my husband asks, it was so those two things).

It was NOT HAVING proper Internet for almost 1 month. I had the data plan on my phone of course and my father kindly lent me his mobile wireless for a while but it wasn’t the same.

Today though is a red letter day in my move – today I got internet and my life has returned to normal.

Thank you Internode – you delivered right on time as promised and have made me a very happy camper.


One Comment to “Yay for internet”

  1. Ah, the simple things in life like access to all of the information in the world. We don’t ask for much. We were 11 days without internet when we moved, I know your pain!

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