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November 14, 2012

Is Cardinal Pell serious?

by Priya Chandra

Warning: I will be ranting about the Catholic Church in this post. If this is likely to offend you, please don’t read any further.


So according to Australia’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal Pell, although he personally would never hear the confession of a priest suspected of child abuse (bully for you mate, how about actually telling the police about this guy rather than simply not hearing his confession???) he personally considers “the seal of confession [to be] “inviolable”.

What the hell?

Let me get this straight. Cardinal Pell believes that the ‘right’ of a child abusing priest to ‘confess’ his sin (and they obviously know it to be a sin otherwise why would they be confessing to it?) AND BE ABSOLVED OF IT is higher than the rights of the child that this scumbag has violated?

How does this in any Universe equate to common decency let alone his self-professed Christian values and ideals?

And the Catholic Church wonders why people are so unkind to them – have they tried actually listening to the words that come out of the mouths of their senior staff?

Congratulations to those Catholic politicians (including the Leader of the Opposition) who have spoken out publicly against this appalling belief.


//end rant


November 12, 2012

Living the high life

by Priya Chandra

Our cats have suddenly decided that they want to play in boxes – after weeks of having just one box out that was completely unloved and unused, today they’ve both been struggling for possession of it.

So I pulled on my tradie’s boots and donned my safety work gear to create this masterpiece of cat furniture:

I might have found my latest business venture – what do you think?

November 6, 2012

Not exactly thrilled

by Priya Chandra

So apparently the race that stops the nation is on today but I don’t think they mean stopping quite this literally:

Shiloh took up residence on the couch about 3 hours ago and has not moved since then.

This position looks particularly uncomfortable to me but he seems to like it since he’s spent most of those 3 hours like this!