Open Spaces

by Priya Chandra

Wine in our new backyardStep 5 of the “10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer” is particularly pertinent to me today.

I know that I need to write every day, but today I definitely don’t feel like writing. My head is woollen from possible hayfever and my cat is desperate for me to feed her. She is apparently starving to death – someone please call the RSPCA on her behalf!

However, since I do need to write, here goes.

We’re currently renovating our house and garden. That means a LOT of waste is being generated on an almost daily basis as walls are ripped down, garages are cleaned out and weeds are uprooted.

For months we’ve had two massive piles of green (garden) and other waste sitting in our backyard. They were clean and fairly tidy but they were huge. Every time I looked out the back windows they were the first thing I saw. Even with our large backyard I felt hemmed in and very aware of the amount of work required to remove them.

Today, my younger brother came around with his trailer. He and my husband spent four hours in 30 degrees heat shovelling the majority of those two piles into the trailer, driving to the tip, ditching the rubbish and returning for a second trip.

An amazing effort by two amazing men. (I stayed inside with my gorgeous sister-in-law and equally gorgeous niece if you’re wondering.)

What’s even more amazing is what a difference the removal has made to my attitude towards the garden. Although there’s still a lot of rubble to be removed, all of a sudden I can not only see but also feel the potential of this space. We’ve naturally talked and talked about what we were going to do with the garden / backyard but before today it was all just talk to me.

Now, I can actually imagine us using that space, making it our own green sanctuary ready for wine and cheese nights.


One Comment to “Open Spaces”

  1. Gardens, gardens, such creative opportunities. great exercise and fun too along with aching backs., Ela

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